Greece surpasses record in renewable energy output in 2023

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Greece surpasses record in renewable energy output in 2023

Greece hit a record high in wind, solar and hydroelectric energy output last year, power grid operator ADMIE said on Tuesday, as the country seeks to become an exporter of green energy to northern countries.

Power produced by renewables and hydroelectric plants accounted for 57% of Greece’s energy mix last year, an 8.5% annual rise from 2022, ADMIE said in a statement. The rest came from gas, oil and coal.

After shutting most of the coal-fired power plants it had relied on for decades as part of a plan to phase out coal by 2026, Greece has more than doubled its output from renewables since 2014. It needs to invest about 30 billion euros to boost green capacity, expand grids and install energy storage units to achieve its target for 44% of energy consumption to come from green energy by 2030 from 22% in 2021, according to a draft plan for climate and energy.

As part of a 10-year project worth €5 billion, ADMIE plans to expand the grid’s capacity to 29 gigawatts by 2030 from 18 GW today, its Chief Executive Officer Manos Manousakis said in a statement.


Along with expanding interconnections with neighboring countries, such as Bulgaria, Greece has been promoting the construction of an undersea power link to Egypt and another to reach Germany via the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia and Austria.